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Julianne Reynolds is an internationally known film producer, photographer, writer and Founder of Romanski Films. She began her film career in New York City while studying graphic design at the School for Visual Arts. She relocated to Los Angeles and formed a digital media company, Digital Vie. During that time she teamed with Paramount Pictures to launch the first digital plasma screens in Los Angeles. This inaugural media project helped Julianne create Romanski Films as an independent film company.

Julianne has proven her extensive background in journalism and documentary filmmaking as a story-collector. Stories are what drive her to change the world. To her everything is story. She dives into political campaigns, environmental issues, social and equal-rights issues, globalized sex-trafficking issues – and more. The exit is never clear to her, for she gives voice to social causes that need to be heard on a global level. Her magnetism to beauty juxtaposition to important causes is a unique blend that gives her a sophisticated eye for the unseen. Her style is beyond time, and intuitively driven to connect with the world and people to tell real stories directly from the heart.

Julianne has been allocated several awards, but is most noted for “her excellence in the arts”, granted by the Charles Forbes Foundation, as a painter and fine artist; it was after mastering this genre that she moved into filmmaking. As a film producer, Julianne works at the grass-roots level; having produced the first Topanga Film Festival, called – Agnapot Film Festival, which launched her directorial debut of a short film about breast cancer, which later was selected for the New York Independent International Film Festival.

Julianne’s film work has appeared in, “No Subtitles Necessary,” 2010 Emmy Nomination, “Breast’s”, a short documentary she directed, Official Selection for the New York Independent International Film Festival, Farewell to Harry, and Best Film at the Seattle International Film Festival, Bhairavi Sky, Best Film at the Utah Dance Film Festival & 2017 Gold Kahuna Award for Short Film. Julianne’s film work has appeared in several independent films and most recently featured on CNN.

Her most notable experience was in 2010 when she had the honor to film, Wangari Maathai, 2004 Nobel Price Winner from Africa. Julianne has filmed some the top spiritual, musical and scientific masters in the world, which includes, Pir Zia Inayat-Khan, Krishna Das, Mooji, Amritananda Guruji, Swami Vidyadhishananda, Dr. Krishna Kant Shukla, Jai Uttal, Dave Stringer, Deva Premal & Mitten, David Newman (Durga Das) and Mark S.G. Dyczkowski.

Julianne’s photographic works have appeared in Yoga Journal, Whole Life Times, Flavorpill, and Common Ground Magazine, Tathaastu Magazine, Yoga International, Yoga Journal Australia, Ojai Foundation Quarterly and South China Morning Post, and featured in the recently published book series, “Goddess and the Guru, based on the work of, nuclear physicist turned master of Sri Vidya, Sri Amritananda Natha Saraswati of Devipuram, India.

Julianne is in post-production for her second documentary film, called “The Mother Matrix”, shot in the villages of southern India. She is also the Executive Producer for the documentary, “Redemption, in light of Durga”, which addresses sex trafficking in Kolkata.


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What People have to say……..

“Julianne Reynolds is truly one of the most outstanding storytellers and filmmakers of our times… Her artistry and technical mastery of film lends itself to uniquely capture performing and sacred artists. Her creative eye in the corporate arena help products flourish and launch with grounded intention. Romanski FILMS is your best bet for documenting the stories in your life and your business that matter most.”
Ann Wilkenson Ellis, Eagle Point Productions

“Aware compassionate filmmaker with an eye for the beauty of every situation.”
Amin Dawdy, Producer and Documentary Director

“The process of making the film, “The Power of Dance” was a new and surprisingly vulnerable expereince.  Since the first day,  I was struck by Julianne Reynolds sensitivity in seeing a situation beyond the obvious and how she could convey a mood through her camera and editing work. So many times I heard her summarize my very personal intentions and vision to me, with perfect clarity and honesty… it was like looking in a mirror!
Colleena Shakti, International Dancer & Artist

“Julianne Reynolds is so talented. Her documentary can “transmit, transform, and transcend” the viewer.  She has given us a gift in Colleena Shakti who gives us a path to inner wisdom through the grace of the body.”  -Zena David

“Your film, “The Power of Dance”, captured both the physical and spiritual beauty of dance through the eyes of someone who was not born there but who ingested that culture so deeply she was not only able to inhabit the tradition, she was able to transmit it. Bravo, Julianne!”
Ruth Broyde Sharone, Southern California Parliament of the World’s Religions, Co-Chair
 Julianne Reynolds is the wonderful filmmaker. She creates a lot of really powerful work. What an inspirational woman! I love her vision and clarity in her delivery.  -Maryam Shakiba, Artist & Odissi Dancer, London

Motherblood Project, WOW JULIANNE!  What wonderful editing—music, transparencies, two cameras!  Wowser.
Karen Hinsdale, Writer, Film Producer, Boston

Brava!!! What a beautiful film you’ve created!! I really love what you’re doing here… it’s been so wonderful to collaborate and watch your vision unfold in making of this film.
Susan Becker, Playwright of Motherblood

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