RomanskiIMG_0009 Films was created from a vision Julianne Reynolds, founder, had in 2003, about creating films to inform people of social issues and bring awareness of their inherent ability to be conscious with a purpose in a world that seemed to be breaking apart, but breaking into a renaissance for social activism around gender equalities, globalization of our natural resources, and the urgency for a more spiritual and authentic way of living.

After this successful launch, and having access to some the top commercial directors and artists at her fingertips, Julianne and her crew set out to document real-life stories about social & political issues not only in the US, but also traveling to mystical East where they worked with orphans and local village people in India. Romanski films has helped dozens of artists, healers, musicians, and entrepreneurs launch their missions, just like Romanski Films, hoping to make a difference in the world.

Origins of the Name Romanski

Romanski being a name given to her by her polish grandfather, a butcher from Hoboken, New Jersey, Julianne took the name branded it with the artistic intention and authentic purpose by backing it up with a history of coming from a family of artists and philanthropists. Plus it was just a really cool name for a filmmaker.


Aspire Companies, Ojai Foundation, Paramount Pictures, Elevate Studios, New Realities TV, ABC Sports, Canyon Films, Bogwood Films, Women to Women International, Teen Talking Circle, Creative Visions, Foster Care Counts, Sufi Order International, Psalm Isadora Yoga, End to Hunger Organization, Devipuram Ashram, Katherine Woodward Thomas, Seven Pillars House of Wisdom, Robert Silverstone, Bhakti Fest, Moksha Festival, Omega Theater, Whidbey Institute, Seeds of Peace, Ecotopia, Elevate Ecology, Human Dynamics International, EGO2Heart, Sudsource, All in/One Film Productions.




ROMANSKI FILMS works with many non-profits and grass roots organizations around the world creating messages about social and economic issues, by building visual media with clear and action-orientated messages, to help inform people how they can become leaders in their own communities. We donate a percentage of our work to help build media campaigns for these and other organizations.


Wangari Maathai, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
Wangari Maathai, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, filmed in 2011 by Romanksi Films.


Please visit these companies websites to support the global movement towards more earth-base economies.
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Global Watch Foundation

Whidbey Institute

Save the Children

Teen Talking Circles

Ojai Foundation

Foster Care Counts

Aspire Foundation

Women to Women International

Think India

Seven Pillars House of Wisdom

Sufi Order International


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