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The Mother Matrix chronicles the lost mysteries around mother worship in India. This sacred knowledge has been held for thousands of years hidden in the depths of the earth’s wisdom fields. The human race has forgotten its true home.  Who is the Mother? Is she the earth, the cosmos, or something beyond what we see? The documentary film addresses the fundamental truths of why humans seek love, and ultimately die into the field of love. But “we” the majority of humans tend to think that this life on earth is all there is……and yet there is a whole other world where the Mother sits in her throne, watching for our arrival. Filmed in remote locations of India’s tantric temples. Release Date 2017!


"The Power of Dance" Colleena Shakti
 “The Power of Dance” Colleena Shakti


Colleena Shakti defies the falsehood of living a mundane life. She spent her youth in California, but has been living in Rajasthan, India for thirteen years dancing with the kalbelia gypies in the dessert, and traveling the world, enlightening people with her endless gaze and intrepid drive for art. She is an artist, but also a seeker of truth. She is not here to sell her art, but to live it, and keep these ancient traditions alive while India becomes modernized and swallowed up by consumerism. Filmed in exotic India and across the globe. Directed by Julianne Reynolds & Produced by Colleena Shakti.

Comments about the film:

“I warmly encourage you all to take time to watch this beautiful documentary, thirty minutes of goose bumps and tears of happiness!”

“So amazing! Colleena’s dedication is absolutely driven by divine inspiration. I especially love the part about lineage and how it’s not limiting, its limitless once you are inside of the technique and form. Bravo to Colleena and Julianne. This is one I will watch over and over again.”

“A beautiful documentary on Colleena Shakti practice of dance, quest of spirituality an devotion in Art, and so much more of what she offers to this world.  …I deeply believe in the power of kindness in this world, and that’s why maybe I was so touched by this. I enjoy to see this video, and I hope that Colleena continues to inspiring the world. Thank you so much!”

“This film portrays values I believe in …we can find such inspiration here.”

“A short movie about one amazing artist and person.  It really captures everything essential about Odissi, Kalbeliya and Fusion dance. Just watch this and you will be transformed out of beauty and divine Colleena, this is so inspirational”

“Incredible film of a truly incredible being. I feel so honored to have had the great privilege of crossing paths and connecting with Colleena …she inspired me to the fullest with her art and glowing heart. Thank you for all that you are in our world!!”

“Exceptionally BEAUTIFUL!  This is a film rich with the understandings of true art, love, beauty, freedom, discipline, practice and great wisdom!”

“Thank you Julianne for sharing this artistic gem with us! I’ve cried a lot while watching this…On the one hand, it conveys so much beauty, so much harmony and serenity…”

“That was Wonderful!”

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“Breast’s” – Breaking the Illusion of the Cancer Myth

New York Independent Film Festival Official Selection

This documentary captures the personal story of a woman & man, whom both were effected by their mothers getting breast cancer at a very young age during the 80’s when the topic of Breast Cancer hadn’t reach main stream media. One day they woke up, only to realize their own disconnection from inner child, having not been able to express the loss of their mothers at a very young age. They felt trapped in a world that no one could understand. Years later, they are still holding onto the hope that this will be healed within and for the world. How do we as a society break our attachment to a world economy based on greed and fear, causing a “dis-ease” to the natural rhythms of nature?

Directed by Julianne Reynolds
Produced by Lisa Cianci