Guruji – Amritananda, Devipuram Ashram, India

What is Truth?

Within the  lightening of higher thoughts and sounds traveling inside my heart; I found a place in India that feels like home, Devipuram, Ashram. As a documentary filmmaker, this path is the path of the Unknown. I travel this path to know life, and part of my practice is to surrender to Truth when if falls upon the crest of my heart and soul. Its at this juncture, that I just press record on the camera, and trust……….this is art, this is documentary filmmaking. To know this path, one must see beyond the common site, beyond the imagination………

I first fell upon, such a divine place when I was sent there to film for the documentary Shakti, Directed by Anka Malatynska, about a Los Angeles yoga teacher, traveling to India to study tantra and teach yoga to sex workers in Kolkata. We spent a whole week  at the Ashram filming on site, but mostly sitting with Guruji in satsang, listening with virgin ears to the wisdom of his voice singing the mantras of the Sri Vidya Scriptures. This ancient, esoteric wisdom of Shakti, is the path of the Mother, which goes beyond the separation of thoughts or even commonality, its about Moksha, about life, devotion, and respect FOR LIFE.

After leaving there in 2011, only a year later, I arrived back to the Ashram to continue filming Guruji, with a small crew.

What is know about this sacred Sri Vidya lineage is hidden in the practices of mantras and yantras, but one must have patience and beyond all that, a deep devotion to the Goddess. So many of these ancient practices to the Goddess have been hidden from our modern societies by veils of fear and destruction, mirrored by consumerism and materialism as a way to achieve Moksha, but that is changing and people, especially people of the West are starting to seek higher levels of self-knowledge, not by what they have, but through devotion and respect for LIFE.

I consider it is time for the path of Devotion to Life, to come through in many forms, so that humans begin to see life as sacred and creation of life as a gift. The War we have on this planet, is a War that belongs to those that have forgotten Life as a pathway to self-knowledge, as a pathway to forgiveness, as pathway to love. We pray, we cry, we bow…….

After spending three months at Devipuram Ashram, and filming every corner of the unknown mysteries of its essential truth, which is Devotion to the Goddess,
I teamed up with the Devipuram film team to interview Guruji. This unique interview captures the essence of his child-like innocence and connection to the Goddess.

Please enjoy……

Interview with Guruji by Julianne Reynolds