The Seven Pillars House of Wisdom

” God is not in time. Therefore He is in the silence. Sound is part of the world of time.”

“He is in the silence…..” What does that mean?
This past week, Romanski Films has been working with the Seven Pillars House of Wisdom on their Living Wisdom Tour in Los Angeles, and creating media for their new E-Book. The two main events for the Wisdom Tour, Yuval Ron’s concert at St. John’s Cathedral & the live Transformance at the Vortex Dome, LA Studios, took place in the center of Los Angeles, bridging the often busy mind to the universal mind of peace and unity of all religious ideals.

The reflection of our current world is painted with strife, especially when you consider the millions of refugees, mostly children and mothers, from Syria filtering into refugee camps throughout the arab countries of the middle east. These are times where a spiritual master, such as Pir Zia Inayat Khan brings a message to the open hearts of all citizens, based on the tenets of the Seven Pillars of Wisdom. These seven pillars guide us along a pathway to discover our own sense inorder to serve the collective cry for global peace.

Romanski Films has learned that the message of the Sufi is one of deep contemplation and dedication to right thought and action. These seven pillars are based on a dream by Pir Zia Inayat Khan and have become a field of unity and placement for discussion amongst many seekers of truth. Filming the segments for the Seven Pillars House of Wisdom E-Book, Pir Zia Inayat Khan spoke of Wisdom that is ancient, but pertinent to our modern and futuristic world that is ever-changing beyond what the human mind can comprehend. Which is why “Wisdom” has become one of the key answers to help humanity regain the strength and vigor it needs to become unified.

We are grateful here at Romanski Films to have the opportunity to work with a living master of knowledge, based on the Seven Pillars of Wisdom. This mystical journey represented by Pir Zia’s words has birthed a universal framework based on commonality between people, so we can build our own inner reservoir of peace, and become sound leaders of humility and exhibit love for all that suffer on a global scale.

When the mirror of ignorance becomes our own, that is sign to listen to the silence of, “truth”. We are all ONE, and a sound heart contains the wisdom we all seek.

The answer lies within you…….the silence is your Wisdom.


PIR Azia Oct 2013
Pir Zia Inayat-Khan