Finding the Heart of Your IndieGOGO Pitch

Quiet on the set, rolling tape, and action. Simply said, but not as easily done when working in the realm of asking for money from the Heart. With the rise of crowd-funding in the past couple of years, and technology, making videos for raising money is shifting our way to connect. In 2006, I was one of the first entrepreneurial people to launch a crowd-funding campaign to help pay for my travels to India to film a documentary on Yoga. At that time, Kickstarter or Indiegogo, didn’t exist. I just spoke from my heart, as if that was more important then the money. Money is energy. But Money can also help manifest people’s dreams and visions, into reality, and that’s what, Romanski Films has done for the roadway of crowd-funding. What are the “whats and nots to do” for a video crowd-funding campaign? Simple said, speak from the heart, be authentic, create a connection with your audience, and simple trust, trust and trust more. This process is Zen-based. When the Pitch is lost in trying to get funding, it goes against the true essence of what crowd-sourcing is – a community base of  shared resources, from people that truly want to connect from the Heart, and know that their money is streaming into and back into their own hearts.

Yesterday, I filmed and directed an Indiegogo campaign for a transformance-technology dome-media project-Phew what the heck is that? Well, we are going to find out, after we film the indiegogo campaign.

We started the morning at 8am, fighting the hot sun, trying to find the Voice of the Soul, to come through about a project that didn’t belong to my client but belonged to a new economy of community-based funds. As a SAG member, and with years of acting classes under my belt, I know how to direct-non-actors. Its the Zen of acting, let go, let in, into the heart. Speak from your heart, let go how you think this should sound, but speak from that authentic place, the place of an innocent child-who sees this money game we adults have created as just a game-right “just a game”.

Creating this unique and special campaign, was about transforming  lives, our lives around money, around our purpose and our missions to speak from the heart. When our purpose cuts to the chase, and money becomes a connector to something bigger then us, magic happens, miracles happen… becomes just a game.

Cut, that’s a wrap! We got it. Finally. The hot sun, hung heavy on us, bringing me and my client closer to the earth, to the heart of his message, he wasn’t asking for money, but looking for a community of commonality to share in his vision for more peace and freedom on the planet. I’d give him my money, because we both hold that common thread of Truth that we have to crack open our imaginations to seeing new ways for money to assist us in our purposes, in our communities and in ourselves; the self being a co-creative source of inner funding, and its not so much in the asking as it is in the Being . Now the fun part, EDITING!!!!!! Julianne Reynolds